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Name~ Melanie r.
Location~ Houston, TX
Age~ 16
Top 10 '77 bands~ the shoes, the kids, buzzcocks, richard hell and the voidoids, Undertones, Teenage Head, the dead boys, Pointed Sticks, Discharge, the boys, 999
What you like most about '77 bands~ They sound better than the soul-less garbage that comes out of my radio
3 best shows you attended~ the ponys, the dwarves, coachwhips
3 favorite songs~ "what do you want me to do"-pointed sticks, "First time"- the boys, "Frantic Romantic"-the scientists
Favorite line from a song~ "you're a no-josep it's a labour of love fucking yourself to death."
Pick 5 bands(dead or alive) you'd kill to see~ Exploding Hearts, Teenage head, the oblivians, the reatards, Buzzcocks
Tell us about yerself~ I live in the most boring city in the united states. I enjoy driving really fast on the freeway, pretending i am in a race. I enjoy loud music combined with bad dancing. I turn 17 in two months, and i hope to go to art school in the future

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